Saturday, November 7, 2009


in our lives, we get distracted by a lot of noise everyday.

but there are days where silence prevails.
in those days, we get to think a lot and rationalize.

this is it.

this is it!

after the general meeting with the store management team and the crews, i went straight to the cinema to catch the late screening of the documentary movie of mj entitled, THIS IS IT!

Ive heard about raving reviews about this film and i wanted to see it myself. after seeing it, i cant help but agree. it is really nice. this film give me more doubts about micheal jackson's death. is he really dead?? personally, i think he is not. i believe it was his way of gracefully exiting the limelight and start with his personal private life. well, if that is the case, he did a very good job. :)

anyways, about the movie, i find it very inspiring. in a way, people respect mj a lot when it comes to music and dancing. he's an icon. an idol in that sense. and one this i noticed about him, he is really passionate about the thing he does. and i really admire him for that. and notice the humility of this person. its really amazing. whew.

i wanted to be that humble and passionate.

watch it on big screen guys. it feels like getting your own front seat ticket at an mj concert. :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

the other side of the coin

its really an eye opener to hear the other side of the story.

a lot of times in our lives, when we feel hurt and betrayed, we tend to focus on our own side of the story. and we sometimes totally ignore the other side of the coin.

its been a long time and healing has took its place to soothe the hurts and the pain. but telling the story in another dimension now made me think about the past and consider the other side of the coin.

in whatever reason things happened between us, i just wish you one thing, happiness.


last nov 1, i had the chance to spend the night with a good old friend. i went to angeles city to meet jonats. its been 3-4 years since the last time i got to talk to this guy. apparently, there has been a lot of changes in our lives that took us the whole night talking about those things.

we went to eat street foods and have 2 bottles each at nepo. then spent a lot of time walking and talking around angeles city. we even went for a 4am walk around a private cemetery. it was my first time to do such a thing.

it was really a fun filled night. except for the side drama, it was totally awesome! :)

till next time dude. hahaha

for the record, you cried. not me. hahaha

Sunday, November 1, 2009

bc day!

had a busy day today! :) whew!

this week has been filled with work and work and work and lots and lots of laughter! :)

last thursday to saturday, i had the opportunity to work again with my training store. i missed that store so much! i learned a lot from that store. the people are very accommodating. from the team members to the managers. this time, i went back with my team members from my own store. we had a blast! the experience was awesome for the team. and they really had great bonding time together! as in bonding to the max!

after the 3 day event, i went home for the all saints day. whew. busy day at the store. my load wallet was depleted! now, its 9pm and people are still coming in! still a long day ahead.