Wednesday, September 30, 2009

life's mess

a lot of times, i thought of the mess we create in our lives. but lately, i realized that life itself is a big mess. gosh.

there are times that i wanted to cry out loud just to release the stress and the tension building up inside my head. day after day after, a lot of things will crowd my mind and mess with it. how i wish i have a thought filter and just like an antivirus, i can just simply turn it on and put it to a maximum level. but then again, in real life, there is only chance for every moment. so lesson learned? make the most out of it.

its been a challenge for me to stay calm lately. i have to admit that a lot of things are bothering me. but i guess i just need to awaken the jp in me. hays. here goes my never ending challenging life...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

in my life

i watched the movie last night alone at sm robinson's starmills pampanga.

i noticed, nilangaw ba talaga ang movie na ito?? nasaan na ang mga vilmanians???

i thought it will be a great hit for several reason:
1. its a vilma film.
2. its john lloyd. wala pa akong nakitang pelikula ni lloydy na nagflop yata.
3. its something different. hindi ba dapat madami ang susuporta ng film na ito? (hmm... or ayaw manood ng iba dyan kasi ayaw mahalata? hmmm... magdala na lang kayo ng colt 45 sa loob ng sinehan! hahaha)

anyways, isa lang masasabi ko sa film. BITIN!! as in, in all aspects. ang dami kasing nilagay na elements namely
1. problem ni vilma with ex husband na hindi naman nilinaw bakit?
2. problem ni vilma with her 3 children na hindi rin malinaw bakit ganun nia tratuhin?
3. hindi na develop ng matino ang plot ng story ni john lloyd at lucky.
4. bakit moving on si vilma? dahil sa work? dahil sa asawa? dahil saan?????
5. may attitude problem si vilma. BAKET?????
6. napaka-unreasonable ni vilma towards lloydy sa film. di rin talaga dinevelop yung part na un.

ang feeling eh, para kang nagbasa ng harry potter na book then nanood ka ng film. yun. kulang. bitin. dami kailangan to fill in the gap. ganun.

the acting was fair. the story material was good. sana nagfocus na lang sa one aspect at dinevelop ng matino ang story. i find the gay bar scene irelevant sa film. para lang ipagdikdikan na bading sila, kailangan magpunta sa gay bar. sayang ang tape. sayang ang budget for that. hehehe anyway, medyo disappointed ako kasi malalaking stars ang kasama not to mention magaling talaga ang director at ang film outfit.

score ko? 6/10.

mas maganda pa rin ang AND I LOVE YOU SO. magaling na umarte si bea dun. :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009


just want to share this picture to you guys! :D


More than a month ago, mom had a check up regarding her frequent UTI problem. The doctor recommended an ultrasound and they found out later on that she has several kidney stones on varying sizes. So the doctor gave her medication and told her to return after a month.

She religiously took her medicines and we did a lot of prayers. After a month, she went back to have her ultrasound and guess what? The doctor was actually surprised to see the ultrasound result! NOT A SINGLE KIDNEY STONE APPEARED IN THE ULTRASOUND! The doctor’s exact words are “Ang galing mo naman! San nagpunta mga bato mo?? Nagtago???” and mom simply said, “mas magaling doctor ko kasi nawala ang mga bato ko.” Whew.

Now, I believe this is all about the answered prayer. We had a problem, we face the problem and had her medication, but we did it with high hopes and fervent prayer.

Now this is what we call FAITH WORKS!


A lot of times, people would tell me that I am a very mature person when it comes to decision making and life dispositions. But lately, I’m beginning to realize that I have my own share of immaturity.

When I started my new work, I consider myself newbie. I started with zero knowledge and learned little by little. To me, I don’t consider this immaturity. No, this is NOT immaturity. I’m still learning the craft that’s why its understandable to act a little immature at work.

What’s my point? There is this one area that I should be acting so mature and yet I tolerate it like a child who does not know what I’m doing. BAD! Its been months? Worst years that im doing this and im not benefiting a single thing from it. All I get from it is heartaches and emotional trouble! Now I am being immature in this area! And I hate it! ACT YOUR AGE JP!