Thursday, December 23, 2010

Umiinom ka ba ng tubig right after maligo? :p

hindi po. kailangan ba? :)

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Anung magandang pampatulog?

isang bote ng redhorse. :)

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most nakakaiyak na break up song? :(

no easy way to break somebody's heart by james ingram.

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2012, end of the world. Give me your thoughts?

nah. i still have a long life to live. :)

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Any New Year's resolutions? :)

yikes. hindi ko pa naiisip. :) hindi na yata uso yan pag tumatanda ka na. :) hahaha

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what do you have to say about the music industry here in the philippines?

wala na bang ibang tanong? hahaha i want more meaningful and good music. :)

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why is it that K-pop is dominating the Philippine music scene? can anyone enlighten me?

do they? :) baka naman maingay lang talaga ang mga fans nila. di kaya?

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who among these bands interest you the most: a) bamboo b) rivermaya c) franco d) rico blanco?

sino sila? :D hahaha

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Tara, let's run? :)

tara lets. lets run away from marathon! waaah. sayang ang taba, investment ito. matagal ko itong pinagipunan. :D hahaha

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What files/applications will you miss the most in your computer if it suddenly crashes down and you need to reformat it? :)

FB? hahaha

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

God's Peace

As i was reading an online devotional today (My Utmost for His Highest), I was reminded of God's peace.

When i was in college, I was a part of the christian group Victory Christian Fellowship. There was a time when I was invited to a prophetic presbytery. When it was my turn to be prophesied to, the man told me:

"oh i can feel the joy of the Lord in you. there is so much peace in you. you have troubles but because of the joy of the lord, you are able to overlook these problems."

Today I was reminded of this joy of the lord. Ever since i opened the store, my wake up time is 4am and i will be working until 11pm. At first i was complaining and literally having severe headaches and body pain. but after a month, somehow i got used to it. im still having hard time getting up early and going to the wet market. at 8pm, i am very exhausted.

but despite of all these, i am happy. i have peace. and i believe, this is the joy of the lord residing in me.

god's word never gave us an assurance of a trial free life. but the best part is, He gave us the assurance of never abandoning us. Last sunday as i went to mass, the choir sung the song YOU ARE NEAR.

"Yahweh I know you are near, standing always at my side, you guard me from the foe, and you lead me, in ways everlasting..."

i cried. i just felt that god was there and telling me that i am at the center of his will. and the best part is, he is telling me that he will always be near me. no matter what.

i just hope and pray that you will also find the peace and the joy of the lord in you. we may all be preoccupied with so much responsibilities, but at the center of our system, peace reigns.

God bless you.