Tuesday, June 8, 2010

day 2 - SEO

today i learned a lot about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

i must admit this area caught my attention. its pretty interesting. i believe this is one issue that web developers need to address. because what will be the use of their webs if they are not visible to the web??

its interesting and i will dig deep regarding this one.

Monday, June 7, 2010

day 1 - SCRUM

today i learned a software development process called SCRUM. very geeky eh?
i was dragged into a meeting about scrum process. we talked bout the process owner, scrum master and the team members.

the process owner is the one that dictates what he wanted the team to accomplish within a certain limit of time usually called sprint. a sprint will last from 2 to 4 weeks. also, it is the process owner's responsibility to record the things to be accomplish in a sort of "project backlog."

from there, the scrum master steps in and manages the team. its the scrum master's task to make sure that the events on the backlog are attended (what will be included in the latest sprint and what event will be waiting in queue) also, its the scrum master's task to make sure that there will be no interruptions to the team during the run of the sprint.

and then there is the team member. the team members are free to get the task that they are most comfortable working with. if the need arises, the scrum master can assign task to the members. once the sprint starts, no one can add a task to the current sprint. if there are task needed to accomplished, then they are added to the backlog and later prioritized for the next sprint.

what i like the most in the scrum are the daily short 10-minutes meeting. in these meetings between the scrum master and the team members, there are only 3 questions needed to be answered by all members including the scrum master. these are:

1) What did you do yesterday?
2) What are you doing now?
3) What hinders you from doing your task?

as i was contemplating on these three questions, i realized that these are great questions we can ask ourselves everyday just to assess if we are really performing or not. work related or not, i think these three questions are very important and will be very helpful in attaining our goals in life. so starting today, why don't we ask ourselves everyday with these three questions?

365 project = 365 learnings

the 365 project is a photo essay of your everyday life. you can read about the project and its benefits from this site.

and i want to do a similar project. but i want to do it with a twist. I want to challenge myself of learning new things everyday. and these things will be posted as part of my 365 project. i think this will be very interesting. :)

so let me call this 365 learnings. :)

so excited! :)


its been a while since my last post! whew!

forgive me for not posting lately. I actually started another blog because i wanted to post some more personal stuffs about my life and daily activities. and i can't do it here with all of you knowing who i am! hahaha anyways, i realized that it is hard to maintain two blogs. so i decided to simply put everything here minus the too personal stories. :)