Thursday, October 30, 2008


this is the first time i resigned from a work.

the project was supposed to run until december but i really need time to focus on my thesis now.

so i resigned from the project just today.

thesis has really made me give up a lot of things.
i need to finish this now.
thesis now or never.

there. done. moving on.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a thought about existence

i was surfing a social networking site and i came across a profile that states...

"trying to exist..."

why are there a lot of people who are trying their best to be notice and exist in this world?
whats in it for them?

on my side, ive always wanted a simple life. just have enough money to live a decent life and actually buy the important things in life. have a good family and a simple future.

i have lots of friends who are really into fame and glory. i dont know what in those things that they kill themselves to death just to have it.

can't relate.

there. done. moving on.

howie severino's blog site

i found this very interesting blogsite of howie severino at and i just want to share it to you guys.

i believe a great person in the news and public affairs deserves to be mention in an independent blog.
enjoi reading!!

i went to hear a mass..

and the priest said..

"ang diyos ang magpupuno. magsipag tayo at magsumikap. wag tayong susuko."

countdown: 214 days to go

ok. so this is the third day and its becoming toxic as ever...

  • i went to the other office to formally upload files and make the migration to linux. but we had a problem with the system and we asked the web host about the technical problem and they have not replied yet. so better luck next time hehehe
  • i went to grad school and asked for my re-admission. I submitted my evaluator's form and the reduced fee. I confirmed that i will be taking 2 units thesis and one unit seminar. so there.. i think thats it for the re-admission. what i need to do now is the thesis proposal.
been thinking about the other office stuff:
  • i told my boss there that i intend to resign when they finish the technical training in thailand for my thesis and he said yes. he told me that i just have to finish my work and i can go. i hate to say goodbye to him but then again i really want to finish my thesis.
  • i was thinking that as a gift to him, i will make an IS plan for him to support his work with the office. i think that is a good idea eh ?

there. done. moving on.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

countdown: 215 days to go

on the 2nd day of me being busy...

  • i downloaded softwares i needed for my dev apps
  • continue with the planning for the system
  • created a blog here at blogspot to house my countdown activities
  • there are some great applications i saw on the net and explore thing
  • read chapters of the "Beginning Mapservers"
today i also made a big life decision:
  • i decided to resign with the project after the training in Thailand. Im supposed to finish the contract until december but then again i will be compromising the number one priority i have for the semester. that's why i made the decision to resign with the project. whew. tough choice.
  • i was also thinking about the life time plans that i will have with the direction i am going now. it seems to me that leaving the profession i am into right now is a big mistake. it is as if dumping all my achievements for the last 11 years. that's why im thinking of settling with the IT world. i hope to get a work on the SAP framework and continue the passion for the GIS system. and then that will be all about it. :) for now..

there. done. moving on.

liam's life character

have you noticed this small man doing whatever-things-he-wants-to-do whenever you open your mail in yahoo?

i usually play with him whenever possible just to check out his new antics every now and then. and recently, i was thinking if living a life like that is good...

its definitely simple. no need to think. just do whatever that person wants you to do. and the task are not that difficult. no punishment or whatsoever. is that kind of life good?

what do you think?

Monday, October 27, 2008

getting frustrated

programming makes me sick!!

hay. its frustrating when you are a computer science graduate and about to have your masters degree in the same course and you simply don't love programming that much.

its really frustrating!


there. done. moving on.

curtain call

its time to express appreciation to the people who supported me this semester in my class.

to maan and rein, my lab instructors, thank you very much for your dedication and love for the subject. your passion and love for the course pushed me to give my best all the more and at the same time, allow the students to learn and love math and cmsc at the same time!!
thank you for all the moments we shared, the endless laughter and brain storming sessions we had were a blast!! its just amazingly wonderful to work with people as great as the two of you. continue to pour out your life to your students. its not financially rewarding to teach, but the fulfillment is one thing to look forward. thanks so much!!

to my students, thank you for all the time we've spent together. for all the hardship we all went through, i say, its all worth it!! (don't think that its only you who's having hard times in the subject, if you think its hard to understand simplex and muller and cubic spline when you are studying, try imagining teaching the concepts to 161 students and making them understand the crap you are saying.. hehehe) thank you for giving time to learn and appreciate the subject. i gave my best to you guys and i appreciate that you also gave your part. to all the people who passed, congratulations! and to those who failed, i hope that its not the end of our friendships. there is more to life than grades!! do your best next time and pass it with flying colors!

to my ever loyal proctors (jess, rey, ralph, lala, victor, rolex, reggie) thank you for making me smile every time we give exams!! the truth is, its one event i look forward during the sem because its one of the happy moment i have especially when we are doing our stuffs infront!! salamat ng marami!!

at sa mga ibang taong naharass ko sa pagcheck at pag input ng grades at pagcheck ng grades, at sa mga moral supporters ko (tin and rizza) maraming salamat sa masayang semester!!

there. done. moving on.

countdown: 216 days to go

(October 27, 2008)

today, i decided to stay where i am. stay in UP for the next 7 months.
this is a big thing for me because i have been looking forward in resigning from my current job.

my current job is teaching. and ive been teaching for the last 6 years!!
my main reason for leaving is that i wanted to try new things and go to a new environment.
i know that there are so many things to explore in this world and that there are things i wanted to try and make my hands dirty! yeah. so this is my elaborate plan in escaping what i do now.

today's accomplishments:
  • payed the re-admission fee and processed papers needed for my masters.
  • passed the accomplishment report for the sideline im doing
  • started reading the gis book i downloaded and had a preliminary plans for the system im developing
  • finished checking the assignments of my students in UPOU.
  • passed the grade sheet and the records to my FIC.
  • booked flight ticket from cebu pacific air website for the cebu trip on february 21-24, 2009.
there. done. moving on.

the next 216 days of my life

the main feature of this blog is my last 216 days in UPLB. (roughly 7 months)

i want to document things in my life for the next 216 days. So my goal is 216 post at least until May 30, 2009. If people are counting for christmas, i will be counting for the day i will leave my current job.

this blog entry is one thing i want to do to keep track of my progress in the following 7 months of my career life in UPLB.

why keep track? simply because i consider these 7 months my last months in UPLB. First of all, I plan not to be renewed next year. This will be my last term and my last summer in UPLB. So, every moment counts now. My last christmas, my last birthday and my last practicum job.

Three most important thing to do now:
1) Thesis proposal and implementation
2) GIS website
3) Teaching work

there. in that order. that is now the priority of my life for the next 7 months.

blogging at blogspot!!

yellow!! This is my first ever blog here at blogspot!! been planning about setting up an account that where i will be posting my blogs and this is it!!

multiply has been my companion in blogging but then multiply has evolved to be a photo sharing site. less blogs, less files to read. and its becoming boring lately.

so i decided to get a blogger account.

hope to maintain this one and post updates everyday!!