Saturday, November 20, 2010

business conception: historical beginning

when i was a kid, i was raised not in a home, instead, in a canteen.

the kitchen was my playground. the market was my theme park. and of course, in the dining room, im the small cute host.

According to my mom, i will memorize songs recorded on cassette tapes and will sing them infront of our customers. I will get my pen and paper and show off my ability to write my name. and i am their little mathematician. my mom would ask me to calculate the total bill for a particular customer and will do the math mentally.

this was my life during childhood.

i will go to school (alone, no alalay from grade 1) asking policemen to help me cross the streets. at lunch time, i will go home for lunch and do my homework. when i was already a 3rd grader, after all the assignments, i will do the marketing for the canteem. My mom will do the market list, hand me the money and off i go!

my first stop is the supermarket. I will buy one or two large boxes of groceries and leave them at the baggage counter. my next stop is the wet market. buy the fish, give the orders for the meat and poultry, then buy the vegetables. when im done buying all those things in my market list, i will call a "kargador" and instruct him to get all my things. then i will go home and wait for my stuff. then i will do the cutting of the vegetables to prepare them for tomorrow's cooking. :)

end of my day.

a lot of kids during those age are playing on the streets with other children after class. in my case, i still have to do marketing, make and sell some ice candy and even buy school supplies and candies to sell them to my classmates. I never thought of being robbed of my childhood play time. for me, selling and marketing is play time. i enjoyed doing it and loved every moment of it.

as a reward, i get a higher school allowance. when my classmates have 10 pesos for their baon, i have 55 pesos, enough for two piece chicken joy from jollibee! :)

yummy life! :)

(ooops. a customer arrived. bye blog!)

Friday, November 19, 2010


last night as i was lying in my bed, and thinking about the events of the day, all i can say is, thank you lord for all the blessings...

i texted some friends and sent them this message:

share ko lang, i may not be earning 6-digits now, but all i can say is that im truly happy. feeling ko natupad lahat ng pangarap ko. gudnyt!"

indeed i am happy. things may not be perfect for now, but amidst all the trials, difficulties and physical challenges, there is joy and peace in my heart.

indeed, i believe, this is god's will.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reviving my blog life

It's been a while since the last time i wrote something to this site.

Recent events made me decide to revive this blog corner.
My sole purpose if to document the events that transpired in my everyday life.
Ever since I started the business, documentation is something I badly need to do.
It takes time to document things, but I believe it will be a bad thing not to document events.

In the future, I want to reach those simple juan dela cruz who wanted to go to business but they are simply afraid of going into one. I hope this blog will evolve to be a business blog that inspires pinoys to go to business and be their own boss.

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