Thursday, December 4, 2008

let forever begins...

on the top of my list for my favorite mini-series is ONE TREE HILL. I watched prison break and desperate housewives but none of them came close on the magnitude One Tree Hill affected me. I found myself thinking and sobbing episode after episode. enough of the drama.

just wanna share one very romantic scene from my favorite couple on the series, nathan and haley. when nathan proposed to haley, here is what he told her...

haley, my life is not normal. and my feeling towards you is definitely not normal.. to be honest with you haley, i don't ever wanna be normal, not with you.. im serious, so let me say it again.. I could love you forever.. so then why can't forever start today?

at this particular part of the story, nathan was emancipated and they are both in high school. kinda remind me of my previous blog about what you can do in the name of love..

I find it very mushy but at the same time sweet. nathan wanted to prove that he will take good care of haley.. and he showed it by not forcing her to have sex with him.. thats what i call being THOUGHTFUL.. another simple word, but it means a lot especially on times that you least expect it..

for me, the greatest expression of our love is found not on words, not on gifts but on simple thoughtful actions we do for our beloved.. its so easy to say I LOVE YOU in every text message, in every time we end phone calls, in every conversation we have.. its so easy to buy gifts or create one on every special days and occasions.. but its never easy to be thoughtful, and to top it all, to be consistent with it.

a diamond ring maybe expensive but if its a gift to cover a mistake, its nothing. a car might be tempting, but if its a gift to make up for infidelity, its worthless. some of you might say, "the car is worth it!" but can you truly admit that you are happy after that heart-breaking incident with the giver?

a simple note maybe nothing, but on the eyes of someone who needed affection and caring, it means a lot.

if you love the person, support your words with actions. and make them counts.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the twilight stigma

i watched twilight last weekend and i must admit, i think its good. just plain good. I never had the chance to read the books, and i read some disappointing reviews beforehand that is why i had a lower expectations. anyway, im not here to right a review.. im here to write about the stigma left to me by the movie..

Edward: "you have no idea how long i waited for someone like you..."

yes. edward waited for the right girl to come along. i bet edward was waiting for another vampire girl to come along that would actually captivate his lonely heart... but he never expected that a human will actually capture his attention and make an alarming effect to all his vampire senses...

and when it happened.. boom! aside from the fact that vampires are not accepted to be part of the society, a human-vampire love story is so wrong at all levels!

i was just thinking... bella is too strong... and wild. to fight for a love like this one. well in the movie, the people does not know that edward is a vampire so they just accepted it, that its bella and edward. the surprise came to the students because they knew edward to be aloof and distant and that "no one comes close to his standard.."

in our recent time, its not likely that a person will actually have an affair with an "aswang" (ghost) or something like falling inlove with a "mananaggal." but its more of falling in love with something unexpected or unacceptable.. say, a girl with a girl, or a boy with a boy or a gay with a lesbian or a girl with a priest or an old man with a way-younger girl or a boy with a GRO.. or simply a boy and a girl who are madly inlove and both underage...

these are something that would guarantee a raise in the eyebrow of our local constituents..

in these situations.. i think that only LOVE will be able to see the partners to come through.. if it wasn't love, well i don't think the relationship will flourish..

i knew a person, he is a man with stature, with class and well respected in his community. and the unthinkable happened, he fell inlove with a friend.. a male friend. he wrestle with the idea and he took time to learn to forget and not entertain his feelings. he knew its wrong in the eyes of the people around him and that he will be risking everything he made up for the last years.. his common question is "am i ready to face the consequences of what im about to do?"

until one night he decided to confront the question and came up with a single answer.. YES, i love him..

his relationship did not come without a price.. but he willingly faced every battle.. in the name of love.

what i just told you happened to a friend in real life and nothing fabricated. you may see it as weird but come to think of it, what will you do when you are faced with the same situation? its so easy to say NO in words but when you add that LOVE thing, it makes your world turn upside down. a friend told me once, "its not love until you find yourself doing things you consider crazy before..."

how about you? what crazy things have you done in the name of LOVE?